Why BOSA Search Partners?

“We excel at understanding our client’s requirements and culture, and finding candidates who exceed the requirements for the position and who fit best in the client’s culture”

We aren’t for everyone…

but if you are looking for a recruiter who really “gets” IT people, and who delivers results, you are in the right place:

  • We are experienced IT managers who became recruiters
  • We’ve hired and managed more IT people than we have placed
  • We understand the “pain” (and cost) of making a “bad hire”
  • We understand the importance of technical AND culture fit

Our clients…

Our clients are usually mid-size companies with an IT staff and an internal HR department. They often have hiring process that is marginally effective. Their internal recruiting efforts revolve around posting open positions on their web site and on some job boards.

Only candidates who are actively seeking new employment look at job postings. These “active Candidates” represent only 15% to 18 % of the IT workforce.

Our process…

We focus on pro-active recruiting of “passive candidates”…the 82% to 85% of candidates who are not actively looking. Passive candidates are happily employed, but when approached with a great opportunity, they will often give that opportunity their attention.

We identify and contact prospective candidates and engage them in conversation about our client’s opportunity. We then qualify the candidate against the specifications of the job, for both technology and culture fit. Only candidates who fit the technical and culture of our clients opportunity are presented for interview.

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