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We offer three different programs to meet the needs of our clients:

Contingent Search

With contingent searches, neither the client nor the recruiter is ‘committed’ to the search. The client often presents the search to a number of different recruiting firms and also has their internal recruiters working on the open position.

The client only pays the recruiter when the client hires a candidate represented by the recruiter. That sounds great to the client, but may not ultimately be in the client’s best interest. Recruiters realize that they may never get paid for their work on contingent searches, so they work on multiple searches for multiple clients simultaneously.

Engaged (Priority) Search

With engaged searches, both the client and the recruiter are ‘committed’ to the successful completion of the search. The client works with one specific recruiting firm and posts a small “Engagement Fee” (10% of the projected fee) to begin the search, which is later deducted from the final invoice.

Engaged Searches are Priority Searches. Since the recruiting firm knows that they will be paid for their work, and that they are the only firm working on the opening, they devote time and effort until that search is completed.

Retained Search 

Retained search is usually reserved for executive level, often nationwide, searches. The client pays one-third of the anticipated fee up front to begin the search, one-third of the fee when two qualified candidates have been presented, and the remainder of the fee when the selected candidate begins work.

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