Why BOSA Search Partners?

We can’t place everyone…

but we might be able to help you find the career move that is right for you:

  • We have been recriting, hiring and managing IT professionals for many years
  • We are experienced IT managers who became recruiters
  • We’ve hired and managed more IT people than we have placed
  • We really “get” what it’s like to work in IT

Who can we place…

We work mostly with mid-to-senior level IT professionals. We find people for our clients on both the applications development side of the business, as well as, the infrastructure side.

Our typical search on the applications development side involves titles like CIO/CTO/VP, Director, Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, DBA and QA/Testing. For roles like Software Developer/Engineer/Programmer, we are best suited to helping people with “Senior” or “Lead” in their title.

On the infrastructure side, our typical search involves titles like CTO/VP, Director, Manager, pre and post sale Architects and Engineers.

How can we help you…

We work with specific clients, who are looking to hire IT professionals with a very specific skill set and background for a specific positions.  We proactively search for and engage people who fit the requirements of a specific job. We are not always looking for every skill set.

When we conduct a search, we begin by looking in our database of candidates. Our next stop is LinkedIn.  If you are open to considering career-appropriate opportunities, the best way to be visible to us is to send a copy of your current resume (confidentially, of course) to resume@bosainc.com

Don’t worry, we don’t “shop’ resumes. We will NEVER share your resume without your prior approval. We do not want to waste your time (or ours). We will only contact you if your profile aligns with a specific open position that we feel will really interest you.

You should also send us a LinkedIn invitation so we can stay in touch: Click here