The BOSA Difference

Our team is led by experienced hiring managers. We understand the hiring process, tight time frames, the value of making the correct hiring decision, the risks managers face when making a hire, and the high cost of turnover. We understand the value to you and your organization of streamlining the hiring process, by presenting candidates who exceed your expectations, in a timely manner.

The keys to a successful search engagement are:

• Quality Communication
• with direct access to the hiring manager, we develop an understanding of both the department/corporate culture and the skills/experience required for a candidate to be successful in the position
• when screening candidates, we are thorough in our evaluation of their potential visa vi the defined success factors developed in conjunction with our client
• Search Process
• at BOSA Search Partners, we implement a multifaceted sourcing approach that includes:
• Target Companies
• Extensive resource library
• National network of contacts
• Trade Associations
• Web based tools (Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook, Blogs etc…)
• Screening
• a combination of skill based and behavior based interviewing techniques are employed during the evaluation phase of our search process
• our reference checking goes beyond the traditional candidate-provided contacts
• Follow-up
• timely feedback is critical, from both the client and the candidate, during the presentation and interview portion of our process
• we facilitate the continuous loop of communication among the parties involved until the offer is presented and accepted